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Barbara Cook Chapter


Mortar Board members are selected for their superior scholarship, dedicated service to the university community and outstanding and constant leadership. Mortar Board can be found assisting special university leaders, holding a leadership conferences, and honoring staff members who are especially supportive of students. Over the past 89 years, Mortar Board has given over $1,000,000 in fellowships and awards to Purdue students, staff, and student organizations. The money for these fellowships and awards comes largely from the annual sales of the well-known calendar, appropriately named, the Mortar Board. The “Mortar Board” was first published in 1945 as the “Reminder Calendar.” Thanks to the sale of roughly 30,000 calendars annually, Mortar Board is able to present fellowships and awards to Purdue students, staff, and student organizations. 



Mortar Board takes pride in promoting education and strong scholastic success. Not only do our members strive in their own classrooms, but also the organization seeks to recognize those who are working hard to further the academic experience of others at Purdue University.


We seek out every opportunity to exemplify leadership and promote leadership ideals throughout Purdue’s campus. While every Mortar Board member has already been recognized as a unique and impactful senior leader on campus, the chapter focuses on spreading their experiences and passion for leadership.


Service is identified as a pillar for the Mortar Board students and it is a large focus throughout the year. The Barbara Cook Chapter pursues opportunities to serve both the local community and Purdue University students, faculty, and staff.

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