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1968 Helen B. Schleman* Dean of Women

1969 Anna M. Akeley* Professor of Physics

1970 Beverley Stone* Dean of Women

1971 Mary Lou Billsborough* Purdue Memorial Union

1972 Helen Clark* Professor of Foods and Nutrition

1973 Virginia R. Ferris Professor of Entomology

1974 Cecelia Zissis* Associate Dean of Women

1975 Helen Bass Williams* Professor of Humanities

1976 Barbara I. Cook* Associate Dean of Students

1977 Helen R. Johnson* Professor of Nursing

1978 Violet B. Haas* Professor of Electrical Engineering

1979 Vivian A. Johnson* Professor of Physics

1980 Betty Arnsman* Associate Director Residence Halls

1981 Carolyn C. Perrucci Associate Professor of Sociology

1982 Martha O. Chiscon Associate Professor of Biology

1983 Nancy W. Friedersdorf Assistant Dean of Students

1984 Jane Butler Kahle Professor of Biology Education

1985 Betty M. Nelson Associate Dean of Students

1986 Marion W. Blalock Director of Minority Engineering Programs

1987 Jane Z. Daniels Director of Women in Engineering Programs

1988 Barbara G. Doster Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs

1989 Barbara A. Elsbury* Assistant Dean of Students

1990 Lanelle E. Geddes Head of the School of Nursing

1991 Margaret R. Taber Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology

1992 Linda H. Ewing* Associate Dean of Students

1993 Lois K. Wark Coordinator of Career Counseling

1994 Joan L. Marshall Associate Dean of Liberal Arts

1995 Jane A. Hamblin Associate Dean of Students

Recipients of the Helen B. Schleman Gold Medallion

1996 Margaret Moan Rowe Professor of English

1997 Flora L. Williams Associate Professor of Family and Consumer Economics

1998 Carol Dewey Compliance/Academic Advisor

1999 Leah H. Jamieson Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

2000 Mary Louise Foster* Academic Advisor Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing

2001 Peggy E. Sullivan* Assistant Dean of Students

2002 Ruth N. Wukasch Associate Professor of Nursing

2003 Marilyn J. Haring Dean of the School of Education

2004 Deborah J. Anderson Residential Life Manager Housing and Food Services

2005 Sandra K. Monroe Assistant Vice President for Student Services

2006 Sarah C. Johnson Director of Dining Services

2007 Nancy A. Bulger Assistant Provost

2008 Renee A. Thomas Director of Black Cultural Center

2009 S. Suzanne Nielsen Head of Food Science Department

2010 Patrice Buzzanell Professor of Communications

2011 Nancy F. Gabin Associate Professor of History

2012 France A. Cordova President of Purdue University

2013 Beth M. Holloway Director of Women in Engineering Program

2014 Ronnie B. Wilbur Professor of Linguistics

2015 Zenephia Evans Director of the Science Diversity Office

2016 Barb Frazee Executive Director University Residences

2017 Bharat Bhargava Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

2018 Annette Watters Diversity Outreach Project Manager, Division of Diversity & Inclusion

2019 Melinda Zook, Professor of History and Director of Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts

2020 Rosalee (Rosie) Clawson, Professor of Political Science

2021 Melissa Gruver, Associate Director for Civic Engagement & Leadership Development

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