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Emily Fields


Emily is a Senior from Washington, IN majoring in Psychological Sciences and minoring in Business Management.

During her time at Purdue, she has held the positions of Director of Membership Development for Women in Business and Director of Career and Personal Development for Chi Omega. For the College of Health and Human Sciences, Emily has been an undergraduate research assistant and mentor. She has been involved in the Research Focused Honors Program under the mentorship of Dr. Woo. During this time, Emily designed a project to investigate how interviewers evaluate (potential) job applicants with diverse demographic characteristics (e.g., gender, race) differently and if interviewers’ personality characteristics (such as openness) affect the way they perceive these applicants with diverse characteristics. To expand on this area of research, she was selected to give a Flash Talk at the Association for Psychological Sciences’ Annual Convention to highlight specific areas in which organizations and their individual members can apply the concept of openness to combat various socio-cognitive biases for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Following graduation, Emily plans on pursing a managerial career and focusing on making the workplace more equitable for marginalized groups.

Bachelors of Science

Psychological Sciences

Emily Fields
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