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Lillian Ferguson


Lilli is a Senior from Beech Grove, Indiana pursuing a degree in Food Science.

Outside of Mortar Board, Lilli is involved in Purdue Student Government, serving as one of the President Pro-Tempores of the Student Senate as well as a senator for the College of Agriculture. Lilli has served on the senate for going three years, writing legislation and advocating for student needs across campus. Lilli also served on the Safety, Accountability, and Fostering an Environment of Respect (SAFER) Ad Hoc Committee, which strives to mitigate sexual violence and educate on consent across campus. In addition, she serves on the Purdue's Resource for Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity (PRIDE) Ad Hoc, which focuses on LGBTQ+ student issues and initiatives. Lilli also works in a the food science department as a laboratory assistant in a food microbiology lab. Lilli has also served for on Purdue's Agricultural Council, which focuses on connectivity across the College of Agriculture. In the future, Lilli hopes to pursue a career in Food Manufacturing, particularly in a quality focused role.

Bachelors of Science

Food Science

Lillian Ferguson
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